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Year 2023
July 2023
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Every Windowsill Pie begins with our signature buttery flaky crust, handmade to pastry perfection. Tradition, nostalgia, and childhood treats come together in our collection of addictive and well-loved pie fillings. At Windowsill Pies, every element is made with love for love. We are always thinking of new and better ways in which our pies can be enjoyed, to share and further the joy of companionship through our food. We re-invent classics in simple ways to create soulful and honest comfort food. Be it a late-night binge, teatime snack or desserts before lunch, we hope to serve sweet pies that everyone will keep reaching for. Over the years, our pies have grown from being the perfect coffee time pairing to becoming the beloved centerpiece of your special occasions. We thank you for joining us in our obsession with baking and enjoying the best pies and tarts you can imagine on our little island.