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Year 2023
December 2023
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Founded in 2012, WEEKEND SUNDRIES is a garment + textile studio based in Singapore that offers a line of considered womenswear for our perennial humid summer. The brand’s core philosophy emphasises positivity, empathy and a sense of adventure for the modern woman. Our design inspiration is often rooted in exploring and reinterpreting seemingly familiar objects and journeys that we see and experience. Through this, we hope these ideas and stories spark further connection and conversation. Our garments focus on quality, timelessness and comfort that cater to a sustainable, conscious way of living. We personally source our fabrics from textile mills in Japan, and also produce our own in-house line of seasonal prints. The name WEEKEND SUNDRIES reflects our aspiration for a relaxed and hopeful state of mind. In today’s hurried world where we tend to overlook the simple or old, the brand serves as a reminder for my team and I that inspiration and wonderment can always be found even in the most commonplace of things.