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Year 2023
July 2023
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Uncle Fong, the founder of Michelin-starred restaurant PUTIEN, is also a veteran gastronome. He loves seeking the best ingredients as well as having a hot pot. During his stay in Hong Kong, he flew to Chongqing time and again on having an authentic spicy hotpot. In Chongqing, he would go to any hidden gems if he was told it was good. His friends even joked with him that he had more hot pots than locals had! Finally, one day in 2015 he found the taste he was looking for, for quite a long time. And he decided to open a hot pot restaurant in Hong Kong with this authentic Chongqing style flavor for his friends and himself who are keen on it. The key to the best hot pot is soup. Uncle Fong’s soup is made with the most carefully selected ingredients. Each of them has been trialled thousands of times before launch. In 2016, Uncle Fong’s first hot pot restaurant arrived in Hong Kong, allowing everyone who loves hot pot in Hong Kong to have it anytime and anywhere.