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Year 2022
October 2022
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Established in 2013, biro is a brand that has thrive in Singapore as a renowned independent menswear label. Having spent 3 years since 2010 to do R&D; i.e sampling with factories in China, HongKong, Japan and learning the ropes of clothes making. the brand is now 9 years old and have close to 70 press cover- age. It has been stocked in several location previously before having its own physical space in Singapore in 2017. The brand is highly regarded by industry experts and has won multiple awards & nominations from CDFA, SGFW, Presidential Awards & SFA.

The brothers first opened their first multi-label store in 2017, and the space has evolved over the years where they have conceptualised it from just being a clothing store to one that includes multi-disciplinary of creative and art.