The International PUTIEN Eel Festival RETURNS!

#02-149 | Tel: 6235 5079

This summer, PUTIEN’s much-loved eel dishes are making a long-awaited return for the second year running, from 1 August to 31 October 2020 – the harvesting season of the juiciest eels. Customers can now savour the coveted seasonal ingredient that boasts numerous health benefits.

NEW! 2020 Specials
Two brand new additions to look forward to include, firstly, the Baked Eel Dressed in Garlic & Puning Bean Sauce 普寧豆醬蒜香焗鰻魚 ($39.90), a fragrant and flavour-packed rendition showcasing a delightfully savoury and rich fermented bean paste sauce that perfectly complements and accentuates the fresh eel – and goes perfectly with an aromatic bowl of rice for a lip-smacking meal. The Crispy Fried Eel Bone 香酥脆鰻魚骨($9.90) is a homemade addictive, yet healthy snack that is also for sale in bottles** at $9.90 each.