elemen Classic

Tel: 6235 6613

elemen Classic is a new dining concept by elemen that offers popular and beloved dishes of elemen, as well as newly created ones that are exclusively available at this outlet. Keeping true to its brand motto “Love Self, Love Earth” and its core focus – serving healthy and natural food, without compromising the sustainability of the environment. elemen Classic is dedicated to build the well-being of customers through natural and creative meatless recipes and only uses the finest ingredients to work between flavours and presentation.


The interior design of elemen Classic reflects its name perfectly.  Stepping into the restaurant is akin to wandering freely in a garden on a gorgeous spring or summer day.  A palette of teak and gold dominates the design, and along with marble table tops and floral walls, lends sophistication.  Natural elements such as rattan and vertical greens bring balance and harmony, and help guests feel a connection with nature. The elegant design makes elemen Classic a suitable place for family gatherings and business meetings.